Из послесловия к "Загадке женственности":
I’ve always dreaded being alone more than anything else.
The anger I had not dared to face in myself during all the years I tried
to play the helpless little housewife with my husband—and feeling
more helpless the longer I played it—was beginning to erupt now,
more and more violently. For fear of being alone, I almost lost my
own self-respect trying to hold on to a marriage that was based no
longer on love but on dependent hate. It was easier for me to start the
women’s movement which was needed to change society than to
change my own personal life.

Видела отрывки из автобиографии, где Фридан пишет, что муж бил её и даже пытался выкинуть под колеса автомобиля.
Еще она пишет в послесловии, что параграф против половой дискриминации был внесен в Билль о гражданских правах в качестве шутки:

I went to Washington because a law had been passed, Title VII of
the Civil Rights Act of 1964, banning sex discrimination in
employment along with race discrimination. The sex discrimination
part had been tacked on as a joke and a delaying maneuver by a
Southern congressman, Howard Smith of Virginia. At the first press
conferences after the law went into effect, the administrator in charge
of enforcing it joked about the ban on sex discrimination. “It will
give men equal opportunity to be Playboy bunnies,” he said.

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